Welcome to Emo Town, pt.1

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

holy crap… so… i was DEFINITELY not intending for this to be an insanely long photostory >.>;; but after all was said and done, i ended up taking 61 pictures, which got cut down to 37 x_x so i’ll be splitting it into 3 parts i guess.

this is partially an arrival photostory for malice (bambicrony elf lotti, who i adopted), and eventually goes into sort of a reply… sort of… to sarah’s photostory on DoA.

enjoy. there’ll be kind of a long wait between sections since um… i have to wait for them to upload >.> and it takes like 20 minutes to upload so many.


Malice, “. . .”

Malice, “EXPLOSION!”

Malice, “…what the heck kind of place is this?”

Malice, “Ugh… uff…”

Malice, “Ok, now where was I… I mean… WHERE AM I?!”

Mendo, “Meryll? Meryll, where are you?”
Malice, “EEP!”

Malice, “Dive!”

Mendo, “…Meryll?”

Mendo, “…huh.”

Mendo, “Meryll, are you back there? Meryll??”

Malice, “I wonder who this Meryll is… an escaped prisoner? >:3 Either way, it’s not me she’s looking for!”

Malice, “Sneak!”

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