Who Are You?

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

waiting for cori’s parents to call… so i took a short little photostory after i couldn’t think of any good photoshoots.

Something seems odd lately…

Maybe you miss me?

Like I missed you…


Shael, “I know you’re there.”

Shael, “I don’t have time for games. What do you want?”

I missed you…

Vult, “Uh… Shael?”


Vult, “Are… you ok?”

Shael, “I’m perfectly fine.”

Shael, Damnit, Tato…

= = = end = = =

yep, her name is tato 😛 i had a few other names but tato seemed to fit the best, even though i know it’ll lead to future confusion between her and the cat lol

apparently she can fly, and can only be seen by shael. hopefully that was understandable in the story >.>; and hopefully you’re wondering who she is.

otherwise… i fail 😛

so here, have some extras:

story portion (minus the extras) is also posted on DoA:

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