NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

sorry for the difference in bright/darkness in the pics >.< i’m still trying to figure that out n_n;;;;;;; *is admittedly a camera n00b*

so, happy fourth! to you americans. everybody else gets NO HAPPY FOURTH. woe.

rather than holiday pics, you get MORE DRAMA.

because damnit, that’s good television.

Seraph, “What? Crap, I’ll call you back…”

Vult, *whistling*

Seraph, “Hey! Emo boy!”
Vult, *stops*

Vult, “So it’s back to ’emo boy’ now?”

Seraph, “Walking pretty tall today. High on life, would you say?”

Vult, “Do you actually have something worth saying? Or do you like opening your mouth for no reason.”
Seraph, “Feh. One sec.” *uff*

Seraph, “So… pretty scandalous, eh? You and Shael?”

Vult, “You really do like opening your mouth for no reason.”
Seraph, “Why do you say that?”

Vult, “Nothing happened.”
Seraph, “Oh? Interesting…”

Seraph, “Because, you see… the pictures say otherwise.”

Vult, “…P….pictures?”

Seraph, “Oh yes, this phone takes pretty good ones, in my opinion. A little small, but what can you do?”

Vult, “Wh– uh… pictures of what?”
Seraph, “Oh… nothing, apparently.” *snaps phone shut*

Vult, “Seraph, let me see the phone right now.”

Seraph, “Well I would’ve, but now I don’t see why you would be interested in seeing pictures of nothing.”

Vult, “I’m not joking; give me the phone.”
Seraph, “Why? Something really did happen?”

Vult, “Is this some sort of trick??”

Seraph, “I would never dream of tricking a good friend such as yourself.”

Vult, “Forget it, I’m out of here.”
Seraph, “Take care, lover boy!”

Vult, *angrily walks off*

Seraph, “Hmm…”

= = = the end = = =

enough drama for you?

scandalous >:3

No time for anything else today, off to spend another boring holiday with my mumzy.

(no, i don’t really call her my mumzy)

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