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NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

photostory i shot the other day at the meet-up.

kind of explains itself.

hopefully the pics are good? was trying to use some tips i got for taking pics outside.

Vult, “Hey Mer, it’s not like you to be off by yourself.”
Meryll, “Oh… sorry.”

Vult, “Why are you sorry? What’s wrong?”
Meryll, “I was just thinking about Gabe. Nobody will tell me where he is, and I haven’t seen him in forever… maybe he doesn’t like me anymore?”

Meryll, “Or maybe he got abducted by aliens? And they forced him to dance a polka for an entire week straight. Then he escaped, and became the ruler of some third world country, and spends all of his days inspecting wooden shoes and wal mart merchandise.”

Vult, “Uh… or maybe he went to visit some family or something…”

Meryll, “Do you think he misses me?”
Vult, “Of course he does.”

Meryll, “Like I miss you?”
Vult, “What do you mean? I’m right here.”

Meryll, “You’re never around anymore. Even now.”
Vult, “What?? I’m always here for you, and always will be.”

Meryll, “It’s ok, Vult, I understand. I’m going back to the others now.”
Vult, “But…”

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