Just Desserts

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

(i think that’s the phrase?)

hm i wasn’t really in a photostory mood, but i had no photoshoot ideas and everybody on msn ran off to take a nap ._.a so this took me forever to shoot lol

um… this is mildly mature, sexual innuendos and all.

enjoy 😛


Vult, “…?”

Vult, “What in the world…?”

Vult, *opens*

Vult, “……………….uh… that… huh?”

Vult, “Where is she…” *walks off*

= = short time later = =

Vult, “Shael, what’s up with that note??”

Shael, “Oh! Vult, dear! Nice to see you!”

Shael, “Come sit up here with me!”

Vult, “Uh… k…”

Shael, “Oh, do you slouch when you sit? How cute!”
Vult, “…huh?”

Shael, “I hope you don’t mind that I got the drinks this time! You like the kiwi one, yes?”
Vult, “Uh, yeah…”

Shael, “I see you left my bear on the bed… Dearest, you won’t get me into the bedroom that easily.”

Vult, “E-excuse me?!”

Shael, “I just finished watching this karate movie. Do you like karate? Should I start it over?”

Vult, “Wouldn’t you rather watch a new movie?”
Shael, “Well I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly planning on watching it.”

Vult, . . .

Shael, “Hm?”

Vult, “I… think I should be going.”
Shael, “Oh, wait!”

Vult, o_o
Shael, “I… won’t you just stay a little while?”

Vult, “I, uh… guess I could… for a little while…”

Shael, “Wonderful…”

= = = the end = = =


rest assured, this no-picking-on-vult thing is only temporary.

(edit) the note says…
Dearest Vult~
I very much enjoyed our delightful game the other day!
When should we play again?
❤ Shael

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