Wasting Away…

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

sorry for meryll’s ridiculously mismatched outfit. i was running out the door and didn’t have time to look for the clothes i wanted her to wear 😛

Meryll, “I just don’t understand…”

Meryll, “I mean… nobody cares lately. Everybody’s gone, and I’m alone.”

Meryll, “Vult… Seraph… even Gabe… they all have better things to do than spend time with me, I guess.”

Meryll, “I guess I can’t blame them. I could just… waste away… and nobody would notice.”

Meryll, “Y’know?”

Brodwyn, “I suppose…

Meryll, “I’m glad you’re still here, at least. Thank you for listening to me complain.””

Brodwyn, “Always…

Brodwyn, “Oh, hello…

Brodwyn, “Hmm…?

Brodwyn, “Linus says he hopes you cheer up soon.

Meryll, “…Who’s Linus?”

hm… it’s supposed to seem like she’s talking to herself at first. and no, she’s still oblivious to the fact that buttons isn’t actually named buttons.

the little orange… person…thing… is part of some earrings i got from sarah for my birthday lol don’t ask why it’s on her hat >.> random.

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