NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

this is why girls aren’t typically gamers.

story time!

Shael, yawn “What’s with the noise while i’m trying to sleep…”

Shael, “Oh…? What have we here…”
Voice, “Score!! I win again!!”

Vult, “Ok, what should I play next…”

Shael, clears throat
Vult, “Oh! You’re that new girl right? Um… Shael?”

Vult, “Wanna play?”

Shael, “Play…?”

Vult, “Yeah, it’s fun! We can play bowling.”
Shael, “…bowling…?”

Vult, “Yeah! Take this. Want a drink? Here, I’ll go get you one.”
Shael, “Hmm…”

Shael, “Bowling, eh?”

Vult, “Here you go… is watermelon ok?”
Shael, “Sure.”

Vult, “I’ll put it over here with mine so we don’t knock them over.”

Vult, “Ok, first we have to make your mii so you can play.”
Shael, “Mii, huh?”

Vult, “Move your remote until it’s over that square with the faces, then hit the button.”
Shael, “Sure…”

Vult, “Now make the person look like you.”
Shael, “Hmm…”

Shael, “Too bad they don’t have purple for the hair…”
Vult, “Yeah… now save and we can play!”

Vult, “Ok I’ll be first player, are you ready?”
Shael, “Sure…”

Shael, “…a goatee?”
Vult, “Um… it looked cool.”
Shael, “Hmm…”

Vult, “Ok, now watch how I do it, so you know how to play.”

Vult, mumbles to self “Straight, get ready, line it up…”

Vult, “Pull back, throw, slight twist! Yes! A strike!”

Shael, “Ok now your turn!”

Shael, “Ah…” slight flick of the wrist
TV, “Nice throw!”

Vult, “…a strike…?”
Shael, “Be a good boy and hand me my drink.”

Shael, “Thanks.”
Vult, . . .

Shael, “Now keep it down. I’m trying to take a nap.”

Vult, “. . . she’s fitting in well.” -_-;;

= = = the end = = =

hooray wii!

guys take games too seriously! lol

between a very strange looking hairy brown spider, and this little monster:

constantly knocking everything over, this story was a pain in the butt!! lol i hope you liked it 😛

also posted to DoA 😛

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