The Usual Suspects

Alister, “Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything…”

Alister, “Life has been busy.”

“Being a parent has been an incredible experience, but also pretty all-consuming.”

Alister, “And things with Chase have been really great.”

Alister, “Other than that, things around here have been pretty different.”

Alister, “Since my last post, San has moved out. He still comes over all the time though.”

Alister, “Sparrow went on vacation for a while but she’s back and has taken over San’s old room.”

Alister, “She’s a bit distant these days, though. I’m not sure why.”

Alister, “Meryll’s twins have basically taken over the house…”

Alister, “They’re about a year and a half old now, and they’re quite the handful.”

Alister, “Meryll and Gabe are so good with them. I help babysit them a lot.”

Alister, “It sure makes me miss Violet, though.”

Alister, “. . .”

Alister, “Um… As for the others, they’re doing well.”

Alister, “Seraph’s been a bit on edge lately because Reynard came back from work and brought home a cat…”

Alister, “His name is Toby. Meryll is pretty thrilled but… Personally, I’m not a big fan of cats.”

Alister, “Vult and Shael are about the same… Nothing really to report there.”

Alister, “So… Yeah… I just wanted to post and say things are pretty good right now. I’m really happy.”

Alister, “That’s about it for now. I promise to post again soon.”

Alister, “Take care!”

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