Banana Pancakes (april fools version)

Alister, “Your fur is looking particularly sleek today.”
Chase, “Thank you!”

Chase, “I’ve been doing much licking of it.”

Alister, “I can tell! It’s very shiny.”

Chase, “I could lick your fur as well if you’d like.”
Alister, “I would like that very much!”

Chase, “It would, however, cost you five cat treats.”

Alister, “Could you do it for three cat treats?”
Chase, “No. Only five.”

Alister, “Where am I going to get five cat treats??”

Chase, “That is no concern to me.”

Alister, “Well I am just a cat and cannot procure cat treats of my own.”

Chase, “I am merely teasing. I would love to lick your fur.”

Alister, “Do you mean it?”
Alister, “Of course.”

Chase, “When would you like me to lick your fur?”

Alister, “Right now if you’d like.”

[phone dings]

Alister, “DA FUQ IS DIS”
Chase, “Just knock it on the floor.”

Chase, “What an annoying interruption.”
Alister, “Agreed.”

Chase, “Should we get back to the licking?”

Alister, “I’ve decided I’m no longer in the mood.”
Chase, “Really?”

Alister, “But you may have this quick lick.”

Alister, “Goodbye, fellow cat.”

Alister, “Will you miss me?”

Chase, “Not really. I will enjoy a nap.”

Alister, “…”

Alister, “Fine then.”

Chase, [zzz]

hahahaha…. ok I’m sorry. i was scheduling posts and realized this one fell on april fools day! so of course i had to do something. the real story will be posted tomorrow!

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