Once More, With Emphasis

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i really need to make an alister/chase userpic :/ hm



Alister, “Hey… Thanks for calling me back.
“Allie? Is that you? Why are you whispering?”

Alister, “Oh, Chase is still sleeping.
“What?? It’s noon, get her lazy arse out of bed!”

Alister, “She seemed exhausted so I’m letting her sleep in a bit.
“Not surprising. You two were probably going at it like rabbits, huh.”

Alister, “I, uhhhh… I was wondering if you could get her an extra day off?
“What? Why? Is she not feeling well?”

Alister, “No… I just… She seems a little stressed, and, y’know…
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll call in somebody else tomorrow, sure.”

Alister, “Thanks.
“Oh, did she give you the scrubs I sent with her?”

Alister, “…Oh… Yeah.
“Thought they’d come in handy when you have to deliver that baby.”

“…Alister? Don’t get all emo and silent on me, I didn’t mean to imply anyth–“
Alister, “…I’m gonna get going. Bye, Edmund.

“Alister! Don’t you dare hang up on me!”

Chase, “Hnnnnngh…….”

Chase, “What…timeisit……”
Alister, “Did you sleep ok?”

Chase, “I guess so. How long’ve you been awake?”
Alister, “Just a little while.”

Chase, “Mm… You’re cold.”

Chase, “Were you just watching me sleep like some creep?”
Alister, “Maybe… You look like a cute little kid when you’re sleeping.”

Chase, “That’s just… creepy. Who were you talking to?”
Alister, “Edmund. He says you can have an extra day off.”

Chase, “What?! Why??”
Alister, “Ah! Sorry! I just thought…!”

Alister, “I mean… You… just seem a little stressed and I just wanted…”

Chase, “You were worried about me…?”
Alister, “Well, yeah…”

Alister, “Sorry, I’ll call him back and tell him nevermind.”

Chase, “…You’re so sweet, Alister.”
Alister, “I should’ve talked to you first. Sorry.”

Chase, “You’re fine. Even if you are a creep.”
Alister, “I can’t help it, you make funny faces like you’re dreaming about physics.”

Chase, “Hmm, so what are we going to do with our extra day, then?”
Alister, “I hadn’t really thought about it… Maybe the sun will come out for a real picnic?”

Chase, “Maybe… Mmm…”

Alister, “Ahh… Ch-chase, I… About yesterday…”

Alister, “–OW!”

Alister, “AH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?! OW!”

Chase, “Just a pinch.”

Alister, “. . .”

Chase, “Have we forgotten about yesterday yet?”
Alister, “Yeah, okay. Sure. Ow.”

yesterday? what yesterday? *shruggityshrugshrug*

best thing about shooting “morning” photostories is the hair can be as messy as i want :B not that alister’s looks any different than it normally does, but hey lol

ugh it took me six hours to shoot this T__________T;;;

to celebrate my 200th photostory in our flickr group, we’re having a contest! woooooooooooo fun!

what can you win? one of keishi-chan’s AWESOME HATS! it will be a grey hat with pink inside the ears, similar to what casper is wearing.

HOW can you win? post on our wiki forums telling us your favorite character from our photostories, and you will be signed up for a lottery! we’ll be picking a random number to determine the winner this weekend, so you only have until TOMORROW to sign up!

(if enough people sign up, i might even give away a dennis shirt or two!)

sign up here!!

you’ll need to make a wikidot account to post!

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