Going Down Slow and Easy

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

!! mature warning !!

Chase, “…Seraph?”
Seraph, “What’s up?”

Chase, “I’ve… been doing a lot of thinking.”

Seraph, “Oh yeah? About what?”
Chase, “Well, about you.”

Chase, “I can’t stop thinking about you. I know we were just joking, but–“

Seraph, “But you want it to be for real, is that right?”
Chase, “Y-yes…”

Seraph, “Are you sure you want to do this?”
Chase, “Absolutely. I want you so badly I can’t think straight.”

Seraph, “I knew you would come around.”

Seraph, “Although you almost had me fooled. I was sure you were after Edmund.”

Chase, “…Maybe we should ask him to join us?”
Seraph, “That would certainly make things more interesting…”

Edmund, “Mmmm….”

Edmund, “…Nnngh. What…”

Edmund, “AH!”

Edmund, “Alister! Wake up!”
Alister, “Wuh…?”

Alister, “…Where are we…? Outside?”
Edmund, “If you drooled on me, I’ll kill you.”

Alister, “Ugh. What time is it?”
Edmund, “I don’t know.”

Edmund, “…Y’know… That hat was supposed to get you LESS ladies.”

Alister, “Huh?”
Edmund, “How many numbers did you get last night?”

Alister, “Um, let me check.”
Edmund, “Why do you get all the girls? They’re supposed to love my accent!”

Alister, “One… two…”
Edmund, “Oh I feel wretched.”

Alister, “Twelve.”
Edmund, “Wha… What?? Twelve?? You bastard.”

Alister, “You can have them if you want? I don’t really…”
Edmund, “Nah.”

Edmund, “So you’re really dating Chase?”
Alister, “Yeah. Since yesterday.”

Edmund, “Ah… Allie… I need to tell you something.”
Alister, “Huh? About what?”

Alister, “Oh man, don’t tell me you like her…”
Edmund, “Who, Chase?? No, she’s all yours.”

Edmund, “It’s actually about Sparrow. She… She tried to kill herself.”

Alister, “What?!”
Edmund, “With… with your pills, Allie.”

Alister, “Oh…”
Edmund, “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t–“

Alister, “Why didn’t you tell me? How long have you known??”
Edmund, “She wasn’t serious. It was just a cry for attention.”

Alister, “Is this why you were so upset yesterday?”
Edmund, “I’m sorry. I just didn’t want you to beat yourself up over it.”

Alister, “It’s ok, Teddy. I trust you.”
Edmund, “One of these days you need to NOT be so trusting, Allie.”

Alister, “What? What do you mean?”
Edmund, “Like letting her take your pills. It was only a matter of time before this happened.”

Alister, “But she needs them more than–“
Edmund, “Ugh, forget it. I feel like too much shit for lecturing.”

Alister, “Do you want me to make some coffee?”
Edmund, “No, just shut up and leave me alone. I have a date with some lesbians.”

Edmund, “…And don’t fall sleep on me again.”
Alister, “Uh… Sure…”

murrr i hate photostories where there isn’t really much going on cuz it’s just kind of a transition of some sort. some day i’ll manage to figure out a way to keep them interesting (um… without random girl/girl makeout scenes) but until then i’ll just have to sacrifice low comment count for story progression lol

so many people demanded a seraph/chase makeout scene that i just HAD to oblige *totallynotbiasedoranything* i would say “ask and ye shall receive” but then you guys would start asking for some guy/guy action and honestly that’s not going to happen lol


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