Packing for the PKF Swap

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

another silly interlude. lol letter whut, sorry to those following my serialized stories


the lighting in this is so painfully random, sorry :/ i shot the middle first because i hadn’t quite planned it all out, and i didn’t realize how fast the light was going away until it was too late.

i was packing up the items for the swap i’m in and thought i’d do something cute with it. please enjoy!!

Casper, “💕~!”
Mendo, “Oh, hey Cas.”

Mendo, “What are you up to? Better not be causing trouble.”

Mendo, “Huh?”

Mendo, “No, I didn’t buy you dresses. Those are for your swap person.”

Mendo, “What? Why do you look so alarmed??”

Mendo, “Hey! Get back here!!”

Casper, “…?”

Casper, “💕~!”

Mendo, “I wonder where Casper ran off to…”

Mendo, “Oh! There you are!”
Casper, “💕~!”

Mendo, “Whatcha got?”

Mendo, “…Oh. Why are you carrying around pop tops?”

Mendo, “You want to send it to your swap person…?”

Mendo, “Ok, well– Hey!”

Mendo, “He’d better not be getting more trash.”

Mendo, “I hope she likes this stuff… It sure is cute!”

Casper, “💕~!”

Mendo, “Candy this time?”

Mendo, “Are you sure? Keishi gave us this for Valentine’s Day.”

Mendo, “Is this everything?”

Mendo, “No? More stuff?”

Mendo, “Well hurry up, because I want to have this ready to go.”

Mendo, “Huh? That’s–“

Casper, “💕~!”


thanks for reading!! 😀

casper doesn’t really talk, so much as make little sing-songy noises. although while having a character talk only in symbols is cute in theory, it is a royal pain in execution and i had to adjust a lot of what i had planned lol but hey, it’s good to get this stuff out of the way BEFORE he’s introduced in the actual photostories.

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