Ground Control

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i meant for this to be a bit longer :/ but…
1. talia is a pain to write for T_T;;; need to use her more often
2. talia and seraph are both HORRIBLE to stand on carpet lol
3. iz sleepy

i meant to shoot this when i had better light, but it just wasn’t happening, so i shot by the kitchen and used the florescent light :B which was kind of a pain cuz i had to be careful not to get my shadow in the way ~_~

i have one or two silly stories in the planning stages, but there is a lot of drama to trudge through before i can get to that point… sorry :<

WARNING(ish): curse words and pervy jokes.

Seraph, “Hm hm hm…”

Talia, “Heeey~ you checked the mail? Anything for me?”
Seraph, “Hm let me see…”

Seraph, “Yeah, a letter from Rey.”
Talia, “Huzzah!”

Talia, “Think there’s good news? Maybe he’ll be back soon!”
Seraph, “I’unno. What the shit is this? It’s addressed to the North Pole!”

Seraph, “Do you think it’s some prank??”
Talia, “Huh, it looks beat to hell. Who’s that other one for?”

Talia, “Does that say Alister?? From Gwen?! Open it!”
Seraph, “You turd, read your own damn mail.”

Talia, “Awwww….”
Seraph, “Oh, convenient!”

Seraph, “Hey Alice, you have some mail!”
Alister, “Huh? I’m not expecting anything.”

Alister, “Are you sure it’s for me…?”
Talia, “Unless you’re Santa Claus!”
Seraph, “It’s from Gwen.”

Alister, “It’s from… Really?”

Seraph, “I bet it’s something boring and long-winded.”
Talia, “Ooh, no! I bet it’s a salacious confession of love!”

Talia, “Yes! Like some saucy romance novel full of rippling biceps and quivering members!”

Talia, “Mmm… sex on the beach…”
Seraph, “Hey, Earth to Alice!”

Alister, “Wh-what?”
Seraph, “Are you going to open it or stare at it?”

Alister, “B-but what if it’s something bad…?!”
Talia, “Whaaaat??? You’ve got to be kidding me!”
Seraph, “You’re just going to NOT open it??”

Seraph, “Hmmmmm it’s not like you to just blow somebody off…”
Talia, “She wrote you a letter! Don’t be a jerk, Alice!”

Seraph, “Maybe it’s something naughty so he doesn’t want us to read it.”
Talia, “D’you think?! Really?! I was just kidding before…”

Seraph, “Hey, where’d he go?”
Talia, “Well that’s no fun. He ran away.”

Talia, “Oh well, I have my own saucy letter to attend to. Adios!”
Seraph, “Hm, seeya.”

Seraph, “…What’s going on with him?”

seraph haz a suspishuns.
(talia, on the other hand, has her brain firmly planted in the gutter.)

the letter to the north pole refers to a joke nana made in this photostory (yes it’s taken me six months to work the reference into a story apparently lol)

hehe that pic where alister is looking down at the letter, and it looks like he’s blushing… 100% alister 😛 no photoshoppinz.

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