Captain Ob(li)vious

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

hehe this is the first time (other than the wizard of oz stuff) where i’ve gotten to show meryll actually doing something mechanic-y, woo hehehehe

Meryll, “Hmm…. That should do it…”

Meryll, “Can you hear me, Yuki?”

Yuki, “Wuh…? Why does everything look so weird?”
Meryll, “It’s probably your new eyes warming up.”

Yuki, “New eyes? What’s going on?”
Meryll, “I made you a new body! How’s it feel? Any of your joints stiff?”

Yuki, “Fine I guess, but everything is really bright.”
Meryll, “Hmm… Anything else?”

Yuki, “Um… everything looks kind of blurry, too.”
Meryll, “Maybe I need to adjust a few things.”

Yuki, “…Something seems different…”
Meryll, “Well I made a lot of changes. Look over here a sec.”

Meryll, “Hold still so I can tighten your eyes.”

Meryll, “…Better?”
Yuki, “Eureka!”

Meryll, “I made a lot of improvements. Are you sure you don’t notice any problems?”
Yuki, “Heeey, I get some new clothes? Snazzy!”

Meryll, “Well we can’t have your tush hanging out all the time.”
Yuki, “Amen to that!”

Yuki, “What’s so different…? How long was I shut down?”
Meryll, “Uh, well… A few months.”

Meryll, “I was kind of busy and it took a while to–“

Meryll, “I’m not fat, I’m having a baby!”
Yuki, “Whaaaat! Are you kidding?! Is it April already?”

Meryll, “Don’t be a turd, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.”

Yuki, “Is that a hacksaw?! What was the hacksaw for?!?!?!?!”

Meryll, “Well, I figured if you were smaller it would be easier to–“

Yuki, “SMALLER?!?! YOU DIDN’T!!!!”

Yuki, “AAAAAH!!!!!! MY LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yuki, “You horrible person! I’ll never hear the end of this!”
Meryll, “Now you’re baby-sized!”

Yuki, “……………………….”

Yuki, “This is punishment for trying to sell your panties on Ebay, isn’t it…”
Meryll, “Yuki! Be serious! I’ll need you to help with–“

Yuki, “Serious? I’m not the one with tin cans on my face.”
Meryll, “I should have made you mute.”

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