What the Day Left Behind

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

now that the san/sparrow stuff is caught up to the rest of the photostories, we skip forward a few days and have gabe and them back to say goodbye before their scotland trip.

Jael, “Tato!! This one has returned~!!!”

Vult, “Thanks again… Sorry to make you do this right before you leave for your trip.”
Gabe, “Anytime, I hope I can do something to help.”

Gabe, “Though if her migraines have really gotten that bad…”

Jael, “Hi Tato!!”
Tato, Good to see you again.

Vult, “Hey Shael…”
Shael, “Hm? Is something wrong?”

Vult, “I was hoping Gabe could maybe figure out why your headaches–“
Shael, “No.”

Shael, “I’ve told you, I’m fine. I don’t need any help.”

Gabe, “It’s not a big deal, I just–“
Shael, “No!”

Tato, Avara…!
Jael, “Tato? What’s wrong?”

Shael, “Get away from me!”
Gabe, “It won’t hurt or anything.”

Gabe, “I just–“
Shael, “AAAAAAAH!!!! STOP!!!!!!”

Jael, “Oh no!!! Tato! What’s wrong?!”

Vult, “What’s going on?!”
Gabe, “I don’t know! I’m not doing anything yet!”
[shrill screaming]

Jael, “Tato!!”

Jael, “What’s–“
Tato, J A E L . . .

Jael, “! ! !”

Gabe, “Wait!”

Vult, “Shael, come back!!”

Vult, “What’s wrong with her?!”
Gabe, “I… I have no idea…”

Vult, “What do you mean you–“
Alister, “Err… it’s her eyes… she has cataracts.”

Gabe, “What? But…”
Vult, “Huh?! How do you know that?”

Alister, “Um… I, uh… I’ve been through medical school.”

Vult, “What?! …How old are you????”

Alister, “Oh, well…”
Gabe, “Jael??”

Gabe, “Jael, is everything alright?”

Gabe, “Are you–“
Jael, “M-m-m-master…”

Gabe, “…Are you… crying???”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

wtf where did alister come from?!

he’s secretly a kung-fu master ninja


how old do you think he is?

on DoA w/ the wallpaper preview

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