Played Like a Fiddle

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

sorry for the long wait on this… n_n;; and the dialogue is a bit rushed, but i was craaaaazy tired while taking pics =________= sorry.

Vult, “What do you mean you’re leaving??”

Sparrow, “Come on, Allie, let’s go!”
San, “Huh?!”

Meryll, “NOOOOOOOOO you can’t!!!! You just got here!!”
Alister, “M-Meryll! Please let go!”

Meryll, “But we were just becoming friends!! You can’t leave already!!”

Sparrow, “Don’t be a baby, we need to get going.”
Meryll, “But–!”

San, “What’s going on over here??”
Sparrow, “Oh! San!”

Sparrow, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll be gone soon.”

Vult, “San!! What the hell did you do?!”
San, “What?! I didn’t do anything!”

Sparrow, “I seem to remember you calling me crazy and kicking me out…”

Meryll, “No! San, you didn’t!!”

San, “I, uh–!”
Sparrow, “It’s ok, we’re leaving, I can tell when we’re not wanted!”

San, “No wait, you can stay!”
Sparrow, “It’s ok, I can take a hint.”

San, “No! I wasn’t serious! You don’t have to leave!”
Sparrow, “Oh…?”

Sparrow, “Ok! We can stay!”
San, “Err, wha–“

Alister, “Ok.”
Meryll, “Really?!”

Sparrow, “Beb, can you make something nice for dinner?”
Alister, “Uh, sure.”

Sparrow, “We need to talk.”
San, “Err…”

Sparrow, “So you changed your mind?”
San, “Don’t go getting the wrong idea…”

Sparrow, “You realized you would miss me! You can’t live without me!”
San, “…I only said that ’cause you have nice tits.”

Sparrow, “Aw, so romantic.”
San, “……………”

Meryll, “Isn’t that great?! You get to stay!!”
Alister, “Um… I guess…”

Vult, “Huh? What do you mean ‘I guess’? Aren’t you glad?”
Alister, “Well… we were only going home to get more of our stuff so we could move in.”
Meryll, “EH!?”

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