Faster Than You Can Say Disaster

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

this is long, sorry!

necessary though :B also a lot of the pictures turned out REALLY dark so hopefully they look alright :/ spent a lot of time having to edit them ~_~

Meryll, “…Ok? We flip all of them over first.”

Meryll, “While you’re at it, try to find the last corner piece…”

Meryll, “Oh, yay!”

San, “Hey Meryll, have you seen my hat?”
Meryll, “Now finish flipping them all over!”

San, “Hey! Listen! Where is my hat?”

Meryll, “Huh? Why would I know where your hat is??”

San, “Stop playing around, where is it?”
Meryll, “Go away, I’m busy.”

San, “You’re not busy, you’re doing a stupid puzzle!”
Meryll, “I said I don’t know where your stupid hat is!”

Mendo, “WTF guys, none of you are capable of answering the door??”
San, “Hey! Mendo!”

San, “Do you know where my hat is?”
Mendo, “Why would I–?? [DINNNNNNG DONNNNNNG] UGH.”


San, “Ok, so Meryll, I’m serious, where is it?”

Meryll, “For the bajillionth time, I don’t know!”

Vult, “Hey guys, who was at the door?”
San, “Hey…”

San, “…Have you seen my…”

???, “San!!!!!”
San, “…eh?”

San, “Why, hello there. Do I know you?”
Sparrow, “Of course! It’s me, Sparrow!”

San, “Uhhhh….?”
Sparrow, “You know, from online!”

San, “I uhh… I think you’ve made some sort of mistake…”
Vult, “She isn’t from that dating website, is she?”

Sparrow, “Allie dear, bring the luggage over this way!”
San, “Wait, hold on a sec!”

Sparrow, “Hm?”
San, “What bags? What are you doing here??”

Alister, “Huff… Here’s the bag…”
San, “Wah!!”
Sparrow, “Thanks!”

San, “Who is this guy?!”
Sparrow, “Oh, this is Alister.”

Alister, “Where can I put it?”

San, “Oh I’ll TELL you where you can–“

Vult, “Here I’ll take it.”
San, “Uh, Vult. What are you doing.”

Vult, “Paying you back for the naked picture, jackass.”
San, “….Oh… heh… you know about that?”

Vult, “I’m Vult, nice to meet you.”
Sparrow, “Oh, nice to meet you too!”

Vult, “I’ll take care of it.”
Alister, “Th-thanks.”

Vult, “This way, I’ll show you to San’s room.”
Sparrow, “Wonderful, thank you!”
San, “…MY room???”

Alister, “Um… I…”

Alister, “I guess I’ll just, uhh…”

Meryll, “Wynnie! No! Not that way!”
Alister, “Eh?”

Meryll, “No! Not the border first, look, we’ll separate them by color!”

Alister, “Uh… um, Hi…”
Meryll, “Hm? Hi! Who are you?”

Alister, “I uh… I’m Alis…ter….”

Meryll, “Alice, huh? Nice to meet you!”
Alister, “Err no actually it’s–“

Meryll, “This is Brodwyn and Buttons…”
Brodwyn, “…Linus…

Meryll, “And I’m Meryll!”
Alister, “Uh, it’s Alister…”

Meryll, “What’s up with your shirt?”
Alister, “Huh?! Is it wrinkled?! I’m sorry!”

Meryll, “No, it looks stuffy, who are you trying to impress??”
Alister, “I just… wanted to make a good first impression…”

Meryll, “At least undo the top couple of buttons!”
Alister, “AH! WH-WHAT ARE YOU–?!”

Meryll, “See? That’s better!”
Alister, “Uh p-please don’t do that again…!”

Meryll, “Although it still looks stuffy…”
Alister, “N-no, I–“

Meryll, “Of course! Why do you have it tucked in??”
Alister, “W-what?!”

Meryll, “Untuck it, silly! It looks so nerdy!”
Alister, “N-NO! DON’T TOUCH ME! NO!”


Alister, “What the heck is wrong with you?!”
Meryll, “See? Now isn’t that more comfortable?”

Alister, “You’re…. you’re crazy!!”

Meryll, “So Alice, do you want to help us with our puzzle?”

Alister, “…Uh………. I guess…”

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