Down the Rabbit Hole

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

another long photostory x_______x blargh

and i’m sorry for the washed out pictures… 😛

jael should’ve been included in this, but his dialogue would’ve really bogged everything down so you can pretend he ran off as soon as he got in the door and is eating me out of house and home while everybody else is talking :B so… sorry to his bajillion fans! i’ll include him next time.

Brodwyn, “Hello…
Meryll, “Hey Ninny, did you sleep ok?”

Brodwyn, “I guess. How are you?

Meryll, “I’m good! I have a great idea!”

Brodwyn, “What kind of idea?
Meryll, “A great one!”

Meryll, “I was thinking, Kafka made Gwen right?”

Meryll, “So logically the best sort of boyfriend for Gwen would be another fake person!”

Brodwyn, “But…
Meryll, “Then she will stop hanging all over Gabe!”

Meryll, “Perfect, right?”
Brodwyn, “Uhh…..

Meryll, “We can just modify Yuki’s design, and try to find some spare parts, have Rey give it some life…”

Brodwyn, “But… Rey’s not back yet, remember?
Meryll, “Oh… that’s right…”

Meryll, “It can’t be too hard, right? Maybe we can do it ourselves!”

Brodwyn, “…I don’t think so…
Meryll, “Maybe he has some extra soul plates stored somewhere?”

Alister, “Hello girls, how are you?”

Meryll, “Alice! We’re fine, what’s up?”

Alister, “I, uhh… I… was just…”

Alister, “Err, do you mind if I hang out with you guys?”

Meryll, “No way, this is girl’s business! No boys!”

Meryll, “Wait… actually…”

Meryll, “Ahh!! It’s Gabe!”

Meryll, “ONE SECOND!!”
Alister, “Erm… who?”

Alister, “AH! What are you doing?!”
Meryll, “No time!! Undo your buttons!! All of them!!”

Alister, “What’s going on?!”
Meryll, “ONE SECOND!! Hurry, I have to go!”


Alister, “But…! Come back!”

Alister, “Don’t leave me with…”

Brodwyn, “I don’t like you.
Alister, “EEE!”

Gabe, “Mer, what’s going on?? I heard there were some crazy people who moved in!”
Meryll, “Oh, it’s fine! Where’s Gwen?”

Gabe, “She’s just–“
Alister, “Meryll, thank goodness!”
Meryll, “Gabe, this is Alister!”

Alister, “H-Hello! Nice to meet you!”

Gabe, “Nice to meet you too…”
Gwen, “My lord…?”

Gwen, “Why did you run off so fast?”
Meryll, “Oh, Gwen! Perfect!”

Meryll, “Alice, this is Gwen!”
Alister, “N-Nice to uhh–“

Meryll, “She lives with Gabe, and is very nice!”
Gabe, “Uhh… Kitten?”

Meryll, “Yes, Gableberry?”
Gabe, “…I think we need to talk.”

Gwen, “…Is everything alright?”
Gabe, “We’ll be right back.”
Meryll, “Eep! Don’t push!”

“What were you thinking??”
“Ah! Stop pushing!”

Alister, [cough]

Gwen, “Oh, Mister… ah… Alice…”
Alister, “Err… it’s Alister.”

Gwen, “Oh! I’m sorry!”
Alister, “It’s… it’s ok, I–“

Alister, “AAH!”

Gwen, “EEE!”

Alister, “Uh………….”
Gwen, “M-Mister Alister…!”

Alister, “AH! OH NO! I’M SO SORRY!”

Gwen, “It… it’s ok… but… could you please…”

Alister, “I’m sorry! I’ll help you up!!”
Gwen, “Thank you.”

Alister, “I’m so sorry!! Please forgive me!!”
Gwen, “I’m fine, it’s alright…”

Gabe, “Gwen!! Are you ok?! What happened??”
Alister, “AH! I’M SO SORRY! IT’S NOT–“
Meryll, “Where’s Wynnie?”

Alister, “She, uhh…”
Gwen, “My lord, I… I simply tripped, I’m fine!”

Gabe, “Are you sure? You’re not hurt?”
Gwen, “Of course, thank you, I was just clumsy.”
Alister, “I’m so sorry!”

Meryll, “ALICE!”
Alister, “Eek!”

Meryll, “We really need to work on your seduction tactics.”

Alister, “S-S-Se-What?!”

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