A Day in the Life of Brodwyn, pt.2

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

fiiiiiiiiinally… sorry to keep you waiting :B

erm… part of this could be majorly misunderstood if you don’t quite understand how brodwyn works yet.

1:37pm – Brodwyn begins her morning (afternoon?) by doing wii fit.

This is a daily ritual Seraph has gotten her into.

Doing yoga seems to help keep her calm, and decreases the frequency of her mood swings.

Although whether or not the TV is turned on doesn’t seem to bother her.

3:14pm – Brodwyn relaxes by reading.

3:52pm – Meryll calls to report on how her trip is going.
“And then she TACKLED ME!! But it was so weird because she meant to tackle Gabe!”

“Can you believe that?? Do you think they do that stuff a lot when i’m not around?!”

5:27pm – Brodwyn is… um, looking kind of scary. Moving on.

7:55pm – Vult tries to keep her busy playing video games.
Vult, “Are you ready? It’s your turn.”

Brodwyn, “Yes.
Vult, “Do you want to practice first?”

Shael, “There’s my little game nerd.”
Vult, “Oh, hey.”

Shael, “Playing a little Mario Party?”
Vult, “Yeah, it’s her favorite.”

Shael, “Oh? I thought Elebits was her favorite.”

Vult, “Oh, um…”
Brodwyn, “Only on Tuesdays.

Shael, “I see. Mind if I watch? Maybe she could use some help beating you!”
Vult, “Um, she definitely doesn’t.”

Shael, “Are you sure? I don’t mind dis…

Shael, “…tracting you.”
Vult, “Brodwyn? Is everything alright?”

8:04pm – Brodwyn finds something else to do.

9:39pm – Linus suggests doing some baking to pass the time.

Brodwyn seems enthusiastic about the idea…

…which is usually a bad sign. Perhaps it’s time for bed.

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