The Black Knight Always Triumphs

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i thought about making this friends only instead of public, but i think it’s kind of crucial to understanding san… he seems like a pretty decent guy on the surface (like in most of my other photostories), and you don’t see how irrational and inconsiderate he can be sometimes, which is a very important side of him. he’s not the sanest character out of all of my dolls, that’s for sure… (although… he’s not the most insane either lol)

aaaaanyways… mature warning, and also probably sensitive material. i apologize if this offends somebody or something.

San, “Where’d you disappear to last night?”
Meryll, “I stayed up with Vult playing video games.”

Meryll, “Um, San… I think we need to talk.”

San, “What sort of talk?”

Meryll, “I… think last night was a mistake.”
San, “Huh??”

San, “No way, last night was amazing.”
Meryll, “But…”

San, “I’ve been wanting that for so long…”

San, “…Come lay back down…”

Meryll, “I… um… no, I…”

San, “No? hahaha… We’re playing this game now?”
Meryll, “W-what?”

Meryll, “I need to go.”
San, “Oh no way…”

San, “You’re staying right here!”
Meryll, “No, I–!”

San, “Mmm…”
Meryll, “San! No, I don’t want this!”

San, “Oh I know what you want…”
Meryll, “No! Get off!!”

San, “STOP.”
Meryll, “San?!”

Shael, “Get off of her.”
San, “Huh?! Get out!”
Meryll, “Ah!!!”

Shael, “Did you hear me? I said get off of her, before I shove a telephone poll up somewhere extremely unpleasant.”

Meryll, “Shael! Thank goodness!!”
San, “. . .”

Shael, “Get your things.”
Meryll, “O-ok.”

Shael, “. . .”
San, “. . .”
Meryll, “Ok, I’m ready.”

Shael, “Come, you can finish dressing in my room.”
Meryll, “Ok… thank you so much.”

Shael, “I’ll send Vult to clean the trash out of your room before you come back.”
Meryll, “…Ok.”
San, “. . .”

= = = = = = = =

yes, san really is like that. and yes, you’re probably as surprised as meryll is.

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