Digging Ditches

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

dig your ditch deep enough
to keep you clear of the sun.
you’ve been burned more than once.
you don’t think much of trust.
man, it takes a silly girl
to lie about the dreams she had.
lord, it takes a lonely one
to wish that she had never dreamt at all.
(dashboard confessional)

a large portion of this photostory was cori’s idea, though it was along the lines of something i’d been thinking over. vult finally gets some actual photo time! sadly he gets to show off his poor chipped body blushing and scrawny body ; ;

! ! panties warning ! !



Meryll, [quiet sniffling]
???, “Hey, you couldn’t sleep?”

Meryll, “Oh… Vult…”
Vult, “Are you crying??”

Vult, “Hey stop, what’s wrong?”
Meryll, “Nothing, I… I…”

Vult, “Shh! Mer! Shh…”
Meryll, “Oh Vult…” [sobbing]

Vult, “Come on let’s sit down, ok?”
Meryll, “O-ok…”

Vult, “What’s wrong?”
Meryll, “I’m fine. It’s ok.”

Vult, “Are you kidding me? You were just sobbing for no reason?”
Meryll, “Well, uh… um… me and San, uh…”

Vult, “You and…? ………….oh.”
Meryll, “Yeah…”

Vult, “What did I tell you?! I asked you to keep your distance from him!”
Meryll, “Please, I really don’t need a lecture right now.”

Vult, “Mer, I’m worried about you. You’re going to get hurt!!”
Meryll, “I’m not a child!!”

Meryll, “I can take care of myself! I just… I…”

Meryll, “I just thought I… I… knew what I wanted…”

Vult, “Shh…”
Meryll, “I was wrong, Vult, I think I made a mistake.”

Meryll, “I thought I wanted this, but… San is just…”
Vult, “…Inconsiderate of your feelings? Always wanting to push you further? I told you all of this before.”

Vult, “You just wanted excitement, but didn’t think of the consequences.”
Meryll, “Well what was I supposed to do?!”

Vult, “How about not dating at all? That’s always a good one.”
Meryll, “What if Gabe was the real thing and I totally blew it?”

Vult, “Have you talked to him at all?”
Meryll, “Well I was going to call him today, but… I couldn’t convince myself to dial.”

Meryll, “I miss him so much. Do you think he’s thinking about me?”
Vult, “If he knew you were wandering around in your panties? Yes.”

Meryll, “Oh Vult, could you talk to him for me?! Please! Pretty please!!!”
Vult, “Unnnnngh…”

Meryll, “Thank you so much!!”
Vult, “Just promise me next time you need help, you’ll put on pants first.”
Meryll, “Oh, um, Vult?”

Meryll, “Can I… stay up with you tonight?”
Vult, “Of course.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

and thus meryll and vult spent the night playing killzone2, because excessive violence is the best cure for pushy boys.

…after meryll went and put on some pants.

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