Maybe They Should Stick to Beer and P*rn

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

ok, so… something along these lines was originally planned for miffimifster a LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago for a birthday present lol so um… happy late birthday? n_n;;;;;

boys should not be left to their own devices.

Rey, “Thanks for coming to the Man Meeting, San!”
San, “Of course, man!”

San, “This meeting was such a good idea!”

Vult, “Hey guys, have you seen my nunchuk?”

San, “Your what, bro…?”
Rey, “Vult, you need to be up here!”

Vult, “I’m not your… whatever… I’ll just play a different game.”

Rey, “Ok! Now that we’re all assembled, I officially call this Man Meeting to order!”
San, “Alriiiiiiiiiiight!”
Vult, “. . .”

Rey, “Now, I’m sure you’re both as fed up as I am with how poorly we’ve been treated in this house!!”

San, “I hear ya!! Like these friggin GIRLY PANTS she has me in!!”

Vult, “HEY! I wear girly pants! Shael likes how my butt looks in them.”
San, “Yeah, but……….. nevermind.”

Rey, “Focus, men!! I have the perfect solution to our problem!”

Rey, “Now, I grabbed these from the girls’ clothes earlier…”

San, “SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I like this plan already!!”

Rey, “Here Vult, I couldn’t find anymore underwear, so just put this on your head.”
Vult, “…Easy to say when you’re wearing your own underwear on your head.”

Vult, “Also… How, exactly, is this supposed to fix our problem?”
Rey, “Just take it!”

San, “Dude! This is the best plan EVER!!”
Rey, “Why thank you, San!”


San, “Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhh…”

Meryll, “VULT!! IS THAT MY BRA?????????????”

San, “Oh man, that’s Meryll’s!? I’ll trade you!!”
Rey, “You realize she’s not single, right?”
Vult, “My life… is over…”

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