A Box Opening

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

fairly self-explanatory.

Huh…? Where am I…?

What is this…?!

Ungh… is it… bubble wrap? What’s going on??

The ceiling fan…? I’m at home?

Ow! Bright!!

Huh?! I got a tan? When did that happen?

Why am I in a box…

What’s… going on…?

Well at least somebody left my stuff for me.

Why do I feel so weird?

I mean, I’m still me…

…aren’t I?

Ugh I can’t see anything in this.

Time to go find a mirror…

Mendo, “I’m very busy and don’t need your distractions. At least put on some underwear or some pants or something!!”
San, “What?!”

San, “But I’m a pretty pretty princess!!”
Mendo, “San, an insanity plea is not going to save you from the beating I’m about to give you.”

Mendo, Huh? Where’d she go?
San, “Are you even listening to me?!”

San, “Meryll?!”
Mendo, “Great…”

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