Good Vibrations

Sorry for the random hiatus! Meryll and Sparrow both needed new face-ups and I was suuuuuper lazy about getting them done :B

I’m not sure when the next update will be so make sure you keep an eye on instagram (@mendokusai.bjd)!

Sparrow, “The hell. Why isn’t that boy answering?”

San, “Booty-y-y call-l-l?”
Sparrow, “No. Alister.”

Sparrow, “I’ve been trying to reach him since yesterday around dinner.”
San, “So-o-o? He-e-e’s busy-y-y.”

Sparrow, “Yeah, but, like, he could spare a text or two.”

San, “Le-e-eave him alo-o-one. Do-o-oesn’t he fly ho-o-ome tonight?”
Sparrow, “Yeah, at like ten.”

San, “So-o-o then who ca-a-ares??”
Sparrow, [grumble]

Talia, “Knock knock!”

Talia, “Yooo, are we going out or what?”
San, “Yeah, ju-u-ust waiting on Sparro-o-ow.”

Sparrow, “Yeah, yeah. I’m almost ready.”
Talia, “Cool, I’ll let Seraph know.”

Sparrow, [sigh]
San, “I swear-r-r I’m gonna go insa-a-ane if you stare at your pho-o-one all night.”

Sparrow, “So maybe I’ll stay home!”
San, “You’d-d-d seriously choose sta-a-aring at your phone over going o-o-out with us?”

Sparrow, “You guys aren’t that fun.”
San, “Du-u-u-u-ude.”

Sparrow, “Ok, that’s it. You’re so annoying. Hand it over.”
San, “Wha-a-at? Ru-u-ude.”

Sparrow, “Come on, you’re wasting my battery.”
San, “Ugh, fine.”

San, “My back feels awesome though.”

Sparrow, “Whatever.”

Talia, “Are you ready yet??”

Sparrow, “You can’t rush perfection.”
San, “Oh, please.”

Talia, “Hey, by the way, we’re only using song lyrics for pick-up lines tonight. So no cheating.”

San, “What?? That’s worse than the time you made me use movie quotes.”
Talia, “Haha! Whiner!”

Sparrow, “Ugh, ok. I’m ready.”
Talia, “Woo! Let’s go!”

Sparrow, “. . .”
San, “Come on, already!”

Sparrow, [sigh] “Whatever. I’m coming.”

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