The Boys Are Back In Town

well, here it is… our first photostory in almost 7 years… this is kicking off a miniseries taking place during chase’s pregnancy (so only a few months later in the story) and we’ll be posting a new story each monday until it’s over! when we start up stories for real, we plan on having full sets for their rooms and homes but in these, you’ll have to use your imagination a little 😉 please enjoy! we hope you’ve missed us, cuz we’ve missed you!!

[moaning in the background]

Edmund, “…Are you kidding me.”

Fenrys, “Hm.”
Edmund, “You don’t hear that?”

Fenrys, [shrug] “It was your idea for him to come visit…”

Fenrys, “…Or are you jealous? Maybe Chase will share.”

Edmund, “Oh, shove it.”
[moaning gets louder]

Edmund, “Oh, come on!”
Fenrys, [chuckles]

Edmund, “How am I supposed to work on these reports?? I can’t concentrate like this.”

Edmund, “Next time, they’re getting a hotel.”
Fenrys, “I think you complain too much.”

Edmund, “It’s seriously not bothering you?”
Fenrys, “Nope. I’m glad she’s got somebody who nails it so often.”

Fenrys, “Though if it makes you feel any less inferior, it’s loads easier to get a woman off when she’s pregnant.”

Fenrys, “Sure, ok. I almost believed that.”

[moaning intensifies]
Edmund, “. . .”

Edmund, “That’s it, I’m going to a coffee shop.”
Fenrys, “Taking a cold shower first?”

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