An Exception to Every Rule

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

sorry a lot of these are a bit blurry :/ my eyes are not quite recovered i guess ; ; had a hard time making sure the camera was focused.

alaska has silly trees. (my part of alaska, at least)

Alister, It’s so quiet when it snows….

Alister, Ahh… this place can be so nice and relaxing.

Alister, Maybe running out of my medication is a good thing. I really shouldn’t depend on it…

Alister, I think I’ll be fine. I don’t need them!

Seraph, “Hey, I’ve been–“
Alister, “WAUGH!!!” [CRACK!]

Alister, “Ooowwwwwwww…”

Seraph, “……I’ve been looking for you. How did Mer’s ultrasound go?”

Alister, “Oh, uh… It was fine…”

Alister, “Why didn’t you just ask her?”
Seraph, “I did, but she won’t tell me anything. Is she having a boy or a girl?”

Alister, “Oh… uh… I don’t know. The tech couldn’t really get a clear picture.”
Seraph, “Huh? Like the baby had its legs crossed?”

Alister, “Well there… was some… uh… some… thing…………….”
Seraph, “Something what? Something wrong??”

Alister, “No, a shadow… sort of… in the, uh… I mean…”

Seraph, “…Are you staring at my breasts?”

Alister, “No! Of course not! I mean–“
Seraph, “Ha! You were!”

Alister, “I mean, yes! I was! It was an accident! I’m a little out of–“
Seraph, “Relax, that’s why they’re there. Congratulations, you have a penis.”

Alister, “No, I really didn’t mean to!”
Seraph, “Haha, I don’t care! I’m just teasing you!”

Alister, “Hnnnnnnnngh p-p-please don’t.”
Seraph, “Eh?”

Seraph, “The hell? A pat on the shoulder never killed anybody.”
Alister, “N-no, I just… I mean…”

Seraph, “Are you alright?? You’re shaking.”
Alister, “I, uh… I have to go!”

Seraph, “Ok…?”
Alister, This is NOT going to work…!

(don’t worry allie, you weren’t the only one)

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