Explosion is Imminent

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i’m really hoping doing this nanowrimo stuff will help me with my photostories. it seems like i was a little more focused while shooting this, so hopefully it shows hehe n_n;; although the end got really rushed cuz i kept knocking alister over and i just got irritated lol

i was lazy and didn’t photoshop vult’s resin mismatchy-ness like i normally do. luckily soon i won’t have to!

[beep boop boop boooooop beep boop]

Meryll, “Vult, can you help me a sec please?”

Vult, “Huh.”
Meryll, “Take these and put them up there for me?”

Vult, “Sure thing.”
Meryll, “Thank yooooou!”

Meryll, “Imma go grab more, k?”
Vult, “That’s fine.”

Meryll, “I’ll be back in a sec!”

Vult, “. . .”

Vult, “Uh, Mer, what the heck kind of paints are these?”

Meryll, “They’re for Mendo’s D&D figurines. They have funny names!”

Vult, “Ah, I see that. What are you doing with them?”

Meryll, “I want to paint the numbers on my dice all rainbowy!”

Vult, “Well don’t spill anything.”
Meryll, “I wooooon’t.”

Vult, “I’m putting them right here, ok?”
Meryll, [huff] “Oaties.”

Meryll, “You should play with us some time!”

Vult, “Uh no thanks. I’m a geek, not a nerd.”
Meryll, “Yeah whatevuhs…”

Meryll, “You’re such a fuddy duddy, you would have fun I think!”
Vult, “What in the world is a fuddy duddy?”

Alister, “Hey guys?”
Vult, “Hey, what’s up?”

Meryll, “Heeeeeey Alice! Wanna help me?”
Alister, “Erm… No, I just had a question.”

Alister, “One of your twitter friends sent me a video asking what you guys want for Christmas.”

Vult, “Who was it?”
Alister, “Um….. I forget. It started with an ‘A’ though… Ayrisomething?”

Meryll, “Tell her I said monkeys!”
Vult, “Tell her Mer does NOT want monkeys for Christmas.”

Alister, “Err, ok. What about you?”
Meryll, “Hnnnnnngh!”

Vult, “Do you want some help?”
Meryll, “No, I got it.”

Vult, “You’re going to spill it!”
Meryll, [siiigh] “I am not, shut up!”

Vult, “Tell Ayris she doesn’t need to get us anything, but–“

Meryll, [POP!] “WAAAAAUGH!”
Vult, “. . .”
Alister, “…Um… I’ll get a towel.”

ayris’s message to alister:

on DoA w/ link to (free) brodwyn wallpaper n_n

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