Nothing Happens

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

due to rumors circulating that i do TOO MUCH DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have proclaimed that from now on i shall do nothing but BORING FLUFF. it was speculated that i was incapable of doing such BORING FLUFF so here you have it.

nothing happens in this story.
the characters say nothing witty.
there is no punchline.
the end.


Meryll, “Hnnnn…. z..zzzzzz…….”
[movie sounds]

Alister, “Oh, hey Brodwyn. Do you mind if I–“

Brodwyn, “. . .”

Alister, “Er… I’ll go read over there, then.”

Meryll, “Hnnn– AH! NUU!”

Meryll, “No! You can’t make me!”

Meryll, “NNnnnnnnnnnn… you can’t… take me…”

Meryll, “…………mmmm…onkeys….”

Alister, “…Is she sleeping?”

Brodwyn, “Yes.

Alister, “Oh. So… what are you watching?”

Brodwyn, “. . .”

Alister, “Ok then.

Meryll, zzzzzzzz~~~

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