I’ll Just Make a Mess of It

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

the tracking number for sparrow’s body has not updated past the “electronic notification” bit ~______~ blargh.

Meryll, “Huff!”

Meryll, “Hehe! Time to check my twitter!”

Meryll, “And then… some top seekrit mission tiemz…”

Meryll, “Hmm… nothing really new…”

Meryll, “Down to business then. Good thing his password is so easily predictable!”

Meryll, [humming]

???, “Meryllllllllll……………………..”


Meryll, “–oh! Holy monkeys, you scared me!”
Brodwyn, “Sorry.

Meryll, “You’re wearing pants! …And your hair looks terrible!”
Brodwyn, “Um… what are you doing?

Meryll, “Oh! You’re just in time! You can help me out, just have a seat!”

Brodwyn, “Ok…

Meryll, “I’ll… huff… sit up here, and you can type for me.”

Meryll, “We’re going to see what kind of girls San has been talking to!”

Meryll, “It seems like he really likes these two girls, but he’s not exactly a gentleman.”

Meryll, “So we’re going to help him out!”
Brodwyn, “…Oh…

Meryll, “Hmm…”

Meryll, “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……”

Meryll, “She looks kind of familiar, don’t you think?”
Brodwyn, “No.

Meryll, “Whatever, now type what I say, ok?”

Meryll, “I’m glad I’ve met you and… would like to get to know you more… maybe you’re the one I’ve been looking for… would you consider meeting me someday?”

Meryll, “Got it?”
Brodwyn, “Yes.

Meryll, “Great! This will definitely do the trick!”

Meryll, “Ok, time to send it to the other girl, too!”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

in this photostory is Allstar‘s horribly adorable mnf miyu, Wren :3

on DoA

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