Several Ways to Die Trying

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i was gonna post this tomorrow but i don’t really feel like waiting *shrug* my brother is back (after moving to seattle and not doing so well) so i’m waiting for mom to get off work so i can see if she wants to do dinner tonight. i talked on the phone with my brother earlier for the first time in like a year, and he sounds so different… i’m anxious to see him again, but i think i might cry ; ;

anyways, pictures. after the um…. scene change? i guess? the lighting is different and the pictures look kind of green. i started to fix the color balance, but as i was looking through the pictures it actually kind of grew on me. adds kind of a neat atmosphere to the story so i left it.

there is some strong language.

Vult, “Hey, I need to talk to you.”
San, [sigh]

San, “What is it?”
Vult, “I want you to leave Meryll alone.”

San, “…Leave her alone? But I–“
Vult, “Please. Your influence isn’t good on her, and you’re going to hurt her again.”

San, “No, I would never do that again. I learned my lesson.”
Vult, “But you…”

Vult, “Ok, listen: Meryll sent me to tell you she wants you to leave her alone.”

Vult, “It’s the best thing, and after everything that’s happened…”

Vult, “…it’s best if– Hey! Where are you going?”

Vult, “San, please don’t do this!”
San, “Shut up.”

Meryll, “San?!”

San, “Why can’t you dump me to my face?”
Meryll, “Because you scare me! And you don’t listen!”

Meryll, “You can’t take a hint, so here it is: I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

San, “You sure as hell did a few weeks ago. What changed??”

Meryll, “You made me somebody else, I’m not myself now!”
Vult, “Maybe we should go before–“

Meryll, “No! I can handle this!”

Meryll, “You made me think I needed to be more grown up, more mature.”

Meryll, “I wasn’t happy anymore. I was self-conscious, depressed, and I lost the person I loved.”

San, “And I was just some quick fuck while you were fighting with your boyfriend??”
Meryll, “If that’s what you want to think!”
Vult, “Hold on a sec–“

San, “Whatever. Go back to your pansy-ass boyfriend.”

San, “Just don’t come running back when he gets upset because you slept with me.”
Meryll, “. . .”

Meryll, “Shove it up your ass, San!”
Vult, “Hey!”

Meryll, “Get off!”
Vult, “Calm down!”

Meryll, “I said let me go!”

Vult, “Have you lost your mind?!”

Meryll, “You heard what he said!”
Vult, “It’s true though, did you even tell Gabe what happened?!”

Vult, “You made these decisions, you need to deal with the consequences!”

Meryll, “It’s fine, Vult, I have it covered.”
Vult, “Mer… I just… I don’t want you to get hurt again.”

Meryll, “I can’t take care of myself?”

Vult, “Well, I…”

Meryll, “Listen…”

Meryll, “I’m fine, ok? Everything will be just fine!”
Vult, “But…”

Meryll, “Don’t worry about it! Sunshine and daisies!”

Vult, “How can I not worry…?”

posted to DoA (censored a bit)

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