Even Better In Person

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

sorry to post this so late!

obviously this comes after gabe’s reply hehe :B

i made mini polaroids! hurr hurr the thought of my dolls looking at photostories on DoA kind of breaks my brain. kind of like… “who is taking pictures of us constantly with everything we do?!” this isn’t reality internets!

Meryll, “Eee! He wrote back!”

Meryll, “Jael… what a pain!”

Meryll, “Hm… what’s he getting ready for?”

[reading in silence]

Meryll, “Oh!”

Meryll, “Is he… hehehe!”

Meryll, “. . .”

Meryll, “hehehehehehehe!”

Meryll, “I can’t believe he would send me something like this!”

Meryll, “Aw lame… gonna have to beat the snot out of Jael next time I see him.”

Meryll, “Distracted so easily… hmm…”

Meryll, “Let’s see…”

Meryll, “By the time you read this…”

Meryll, “EEP!”

Gabe, “…Surprise!”

Meryll, “ZOMG!! Gabe, you’re here!”
Gabe, “Well you said you missed me!”

Meryll, “I did! I’m so happy to see you!”
Gabe, “That’s good!”

Gabe, “I’ve been dying to see you…”

Meryll, “Er… Gabe?”

Meryll, “Geez! Getting all pervy on me!”
Gabe, “Sorry!”

Meryll, “What if somebody walked in on us, haha!”
Gabe, “I guess I’m not used to living with so many people.”

Meryll, “Have some patience, mister!”
Gabe, [sigh…]

Meryll, “Although… you just had to wear that shirt, didn’t you!”
Gabe, “Of course!”

Meryll, “Oh, can’t forget these…”

Gabe, “I’m glad you liked them!”
Meryll, “Haha, yeah, although…”

Meryll, “Jael wouldn’t really have kept taking pictures of you taking your pants off, would he?”
Gabe, “Hmm…………..”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

…good question!

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