Staring Down the Barrel of a Loaded Gun

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

long photostory! hopefully it flows well, it was kind of awkward at first and i rewrote different parts of it quite a bit @_@ also had to take more pictures this morning.


Seraph, “Come on in, guys!!”
Gabe, “Thanks!”

Gabe, “Man, I’ll never get used to such a long drive.”
Gwen, “Yes it was long!!”

Jael, “Let this one go!! This one wants to go home!!”

Gwen, “But you tried to jump out of a moving vehicle!”

Meryll, “They’re here already!”

Meryll, “They really do look like they’re together…!”

Meryll, “They look so happy… I can’t believe this…”

Meryll, “Ugh I can’t hear anything from here…”

Meryll, “…I wonder what they’re saying…”

San, “Hey.”

Meryll, “San! What are you doing here?!”
San, “I need to talk to you.”

Meryll, “Talk all you want, I have nothing to say to you!”

San, “Meryll, please.”
Meryll, “No! Go away!”

San, “Please! Why won’t you listen to what I have to say?!”

Seraph, “There’s some fruit in the fridge, Gabe, go help yourself!”
Gabe, “That sounds great!”

Gabe, “Come on, Gwen, let’s get something to eat!”
Seraph, “Oh no, us girlies are gonna have a little chat. You go ahead!”
Gwen, “Umm…?”

Gabe, “Ok, well, let’s get some grub Jael.”
Jael, “Yum!”

Jael, “See you later, Miss Gwen! This one is going to go GORGE HIMSELF!!”

Jael, “Fruit! Yum! Do you think there will be strawberries, Master?!”

Gabe, “Heh… let’s hope so!”

Meryll, “Get off!”
San, “Listen to me!!”

Meryll, “Mmmf!!”

Meryll, “No!!”
Gabe, “Huh?!”

Meryll, “I said leave me alone!!”
San, “What?!”

San, “You!”
Meryll, “Gabe?!”

Meryll, “Oof!”


San, ?!

San, “DUDE!”


Meryll, “Gabe, stop!”
Gabe, “What?!”

Gabe, “…………I guess your taste in company hasn’t changed, then.”

Gabe, “Sorry to interrupt.”

Gabe, “Come on, Jael. The air here is kind of stifling.”
Jael, “Yes, sir!”

Meryll, “But…! Don’t go…”

Jael, “This one was most impressed, Master!”

Gabe, “Let’s go get something to eat.”
Meryll, “Please…

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

extrasssssssss! how long has it been since i’ve had extras to post? o_o

“Nice right hook, Master! Perfect 10!!”
lol he’s actually holding this up in the photostory but it’s not all that noticeable


chilling on the couch đŸ˜›

also posted to DoA

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