This One’s Advice

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i never thought i would do a photostory that doesn’t actually involve any of my dolls at all >.>a lol

gabe and jael of course both belong to sarah/Hakari-chan

we didn’t do this with normal pictures, so i’m sorry if it’s annoying… ; ;

Gabe, “Jael? Are you there?”

Jael, “Hurray! The master!!”
Gabe, “Hey Jael, it’s good to see you!”

Jael, “This one has been trying to reach you master, but the mistress has foiled this one with her wretched magic buttons!!”
Gabe, “Jael listen, I have a problem…”

Jael, “Tell this one what to do! This one wishes only to help the master!!”
Gabe, “Well, it all started when I got in a fight a few days ago –“

Gabe, “Jael, please listen!”

Jael, “Show this one who is responsible! Justice shall be slammed in their face!”
Gabe, “No Jael!! Calm down, please!”

Jael, “This one understands.”
Gabe, “Thank you… where was I…”

Jael, “This one is surprised the master has some sort of problem, for the master is perfect and wonderful!”
Gabe, “Yes, well, I need some advice.”

Jael, “Advice? This one lives to help the master, whatever he needs!”
Gabe, “Ugh, you see, Meryll tried to um… go a little too far this morning, and I… I pushed her away.”

Gabe, “I don’t think she understands that I just don’t want to hurt her!”
Jael, “Hmm… quite the problem… this one must think it over…”

Jael, “A-ha!! This one has the perfect solution, suitable for such a perfect master!”
Gabe, “Really? What is it, tell me!”

Jael, “Master must dump the master stealer and come home right now!”
Gabe, “…Jael…”

Jael, “Success! This one has done his job! This one serves the master flawlessly! Nobody gives advice like this one!”
Gabe, “…Jael…”

Gabe, “Nevermind, I have to go.”
Jael, “What?! Master, no!!”


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