The Epic Tale of Mister Whiskerface and Pure Miss Floofytail

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

hehehe…….hehehehehehehehehehehehehe.. why yes, i do amuse myself rather easily.

sorry the pics are a little blurry. i seem to be having a problem with that lately.

Mendo, “Ooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu yeah you can’t beat me!!”

Mendo, “Urgh! Stupid pansy… what’s the point of all that armor if I have to keep the healer on your ass?”

Mendo, “Aw crap… uh… restart!”

???, “Oh Mister Whiskerface, you are too kind!”
Mendo, “. . .”

???, “Pure Miss Floofytail… your words, they make me blush!”
Mendo, “…Meryll…”

Mister Whiskerface, “I cannot deny my love for you!”
Pure Miss Floofytail, “Nor mine for you! But…”

Pure Miss Floofytail, “I have a secret!”
Mister Whiskerface, “Alas, a secret?? But what could my Pure Miss Floofytail keep hidden!?”

Pure Miss Floofytail, “I confess… in truth, I am a princess!! Our love, it cannot be!”

Mister Whiskerface, “Gasp! A princess!? How could this be, for I am just a lowly Mister! If only I were Sir Whiskerface!”

Mister Whiskerface, “But I care not, for I yearn for the touch of your lips on mine!”

Mendo, “Meryll.

“. . .”

Mendo, “As… entertaining as that is, could you play puppets somewhere else?”

Meryll, “You don’t like The Epic Tale of Mister Whiskerface and Pure Miss Floofytail?”
Mendo, “Uh… not a fan, no.”

Meryll, *SIGH* “Ok fine I guess.”

Mendo, “Thank you. Now… let’s try this battle again…”

???, “Oh, my beloved Dear Horseypants! I must go far, far away!”
Mendo, “…………………………”

Dear Horseypants, “No! Strong Sir Monkeyface, say it isn’t soooooooooo~!!”
Mendo, “Oh come on…”

= = = the end = = =

plus an extra!


thank you so much for the puppets <3!!!!!!!!!

also posted to DoA…

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