Exit the Bunny // or! // Enter the Snowbunny!

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

there are five stories before this one so make sure you’re caught up and didn’t miss one n_n

>.>;;;; perhaps i need a gabe-only icon.

these pics were taken by sarah (although, i edited them, and got snow in my shoes… so… joint effort!)

Gabe, “I can’t believe she’d…”

Gabe, “I mean… Meryll, of all people!”

Gabe, “…………….This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Gabe, “…This isn’t right…”

Gabe, “Ugh… I expect something like this from San, but…”

Ah, what is this? The lovers have had their first quarrel? About time…
Gabe, “Not now, Kafka.”

I’ve been watching the whole time, Gabriel.
Gabe, “I know, I’ve felt it. I was wondering when you would finally speak up.”

I thought I’d give my dear brother some time to vent his frustrations.
Gabe, “Oh, how… considerate of you.”

Now, now… is that any way to speak to your elder sister? And here I was, coming in all my state and glory to give you a gift.
Gabe, “…A gift? And I suppose you consider Jael to be a ‘gift’ as well.”

He’s troublesome now, yes, but he’ll be worth having around later… [chuckles]
Gabe, “Alright then, what’s this gift?”

A little something from me to you… to help you get over that airhead girlfriend of yours… or should I say, ex-girlfriend?
Gabe, “We had a fight, that doesn’t mean we won’t make up. Why would I want a gift like that?!”

[chuckles] Is that so? Well, if you don’t want it, then leave it. But the offer is there. I do recommend it though… you might want it later.
Gabe, “Stop being cryptic. Whatever it is, I don’t want it. Knowing you it would only make matters worse.”

That is harsh… I would never force anything on you, brother. I’m simply trying to do my best to help you out.
Gabe, “…Thank you.”

Gabe, “I should get inside… Meryll’s probably pretty upset.”
[[ soft crunching noise ]]

Gabe, “Huh? What was that? Kafka?”

[quiet moan]

Gabe, “What?!”

Gabe, “No footprints… Kafka, is this your idea of a sick joke?”

Gabe, “This isn’t funny, Kafka!! Can you hear me? Say something! Who is this girl?!”

Gabe, “Hello?! Are you ok? She’s so cold…!”

Gabe, “I can’t leave her here to die… she’s shivering so hard!”

Gabe, “Damnit Kafka, what have you done this time…”

= = = = = btw… = = = = =
incase you forgot, or didn’t know in the first place, kafka is gabe’s older sister (which i guess is obvious from the dialogue). she used to be in doll form, but now just kind of pesters her brother from wherever she is now šŸ˜› she sent jael, and now some strange girl ‘o’ le gasp!

and also… no, that isn’t sparrow (just incase any of you jump to the incorrect conclusion) šŸ˜› both gabe and the mysterious snowbunny belong to sarah/Hakari-chan

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